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                Waterborne Resin/ leather surface treatment agent

                Water-based leather surface treatment agent Good oil brightness, translucent feeling, good leather feeling KYS-101G

                Product Detail

                Features: This product is a water-based leather surface treatment agent, and KYS-101G is a water-based oil leather treatment agent. Water-based, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

                Uses: Used for surface treatment of water-based PU, PVC, and leather to give the finished oil good brightness, translucency and good leather feeling.

                水性表处剂 水性油皮处理剂 KYS-101G


                外观 乳白色液体 固含量(%) 41±1 溶剂组成: 去离子水
                主要用途 水性油皮处理剂 可售卖地 全国 粘度(mPa.s? 25℃): /
                型号: KYS-101G 品牌: 凯迅 包装规格: 18kg、180kg/桶