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                2021Trend of High-quality water-based clothing leather

                2021 water-based clothing leather fashion trend is officially released! Today, the editor of Kaiyue Technology will analyze the latest fashion trends next year from various perspectives such as clothing colors, fabrics, accessories, style changes, and sustainable design trends.

                Color articles

                Pure white

                Entering 2020, with the sudden outbreak of the epidemic around the world, and after the epidemic, people are eager to return to a healthy life track. Pure, healing, and positive colors will become popular.



                It represents a simple home life with a very simple and neutral tone. In the Middle Ages, people used marigolds to heal their wounds and to fight against plague and black death. In addition to its beautiful appearance and bright colors, it serves as a “relief” flower that carries people Unlimited expectations for a healthy life.


                Sugar pink

                The gentle and beautiful sugar pink gives people a wonderful romantic feeling, as if they are in a sweet fantasy. In this special period, too many negative emotions need to be cured, and pink is given new expectations.


                Fabric articles

                With the impact of the epidemic, people’s lifestyles have undergone tremendous changes in their life concepts, and they believe that health and environmental protection are the real first.

                In the future, apparel fabrics will move towards sustainable development and environmental protection.

                Water-based clothing leather

                The new ecological and environmental protection water-based PU clothing leather will be fully available, subverting the traditional PU, no carcinogen DMF, no formaldehyde, no benzene and other harmful chemicals


                Block the virus

                The surface of the outer fabric is covered with a hydrophobic layer, and the fabric has a water repellent function like a lotus leaf.


                Antibacterial and deodorant

                By absorbing the odor generated by human metabolism and capturing the odor transferred from the outside to the fabric to achieve deodorization, the captured odor particles will be released along with the water flow during washing. Suitable for medical and health protective clothing, underwear, sportswear, professional clothing, etc.


                Windproof and water repellent


                Style articles

                As the carrier of fabrics and accessories, the style articles have more and more functions of clothing.

                The humanized functional design and extreme functions provide all-round protection for the body, and the modular design details provide a variety of practical ways to wear. At the same time, the integration of street culture and trend elements realizes the fun update of clothing, and creates interesting, fashionable and functional clothing.



                Comfortable home



                Sustainable design

                People are aware of the importance of respecting and treating the natural ecology. In addition to using environmentally friendly textiles to save resources, how to recycle and reuse is worthy of thinking and exploring.

                With the popularity of recycled fabrics in the market, the use of biological fabrics, recycled decoration, and optimized clothing that can be recycled after use has further promoted ecological practices.

                Recycled materials

                Use insulation filling materials and shells made of recycled polyester materials to create 100% recycled environmentally friendly clothing.



                Biodegradable buttons

                Polylactic acid derived from corn is a 100% biodegradable material, and the button made of polylactic acid is a fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly button.



                Fluorine-free waterproof

                As the world gradually bans the use of C8 and C6, fluorine-free waterproof fabrics will replace them. It does not contain any PFOA (representing perfluorooctanoic acid and its main salt containing ammonium, or “C8″, PFOS and APEO, with excellent waterproof effect, washing resistance, and more importantly environmental protection and health.



                Pay attention to Kaiyue?Technology, learn more about the latest development of water-based clothing leather and more knowledge about eco-friendly fabrics.